Annual Report

2018 CFAES Staff Advisory Council Annual Report

Professional Development and CFAES Road Trip Task Force

This task force will strive to offer professional development opportunities that will be beneficial to all staff. This may be offered via Zoom/ Video-conference due to the many locations of CFAES staff. In cases where the presentation may not be best suited for video-conferencing, efforts will be made to have multiple offerings on CFAES campuses. Additionally, we would like to increase awareness of professional development opportunities available through OSU and CFAES.
This task force will also organize and oversee the annual CFAES Road Trip. The Road Trip is intended to give CFAES staff an opportunity to visit the various CFAES locations around the state and learn about the unique characteristics of each. Trips typically include tours and interviews with faculty, staff and students throughout the college. Additionally, these tours often include non-CFAES groups that partner with the college. The goal of the road trip is that staff will increase their knowledge and appreciation for CFAES and the work that is done at the college. Each Road Trip will focus on a particular component of the college and will be eligible to all CFAES staff (trips are first-come, first-served).


  1. Hosted 3 professional development sessions via Zoom:
    1. Emotional Intelligence – Jeff King, PhD, Associate Professor, Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership, Co-Director, OSU Leadership Center
    2. Coping with Digital Distraction – Claire Kamp Dush, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Human Sciences
    3. Drowning Out Negativity – Jodie Leister M.S.Ed, LPCC-S, Psychiatric Counselor, Ohio State Employee Assistance Program
  2. Advertising professional development opportunities via the CFAES calendar
  3. Staff road trip – OSU South Centers, Piketon, OH
Staff Appreciation

The Staff Appreciation Task Force plans and implements staff appreciation activities on both the Columbus and Wooster campuses such as ice cream socials or luncheons. They also lead the charge in ensuring that every staff member in the College is reached with an FTE of .75 or higher by sending them an appreciation gift from Staff Advisory Council for all the hard work they do for the College. This task force also plans most of the annual retreat that takes place in the fall.


  1. Hosted several events: a pancake breakfast in partnership with campus campaign, ice cream treats provided on the campuses of Columbus, Wooster and South Centers; and a luncheon on Columbus Campus
  2. Water bottles with a note of appreciation was sent to all staff with a .75 FTE or more.
  3. Coordinated a retreat to the Wooster campus which included having Barry Joliff lead team building exercises with SAC.
Staff Recognition Task Force

Through the CFAES Staff Advisory Council Professional Development Fund, we provide up to 10 Professional Development Awards for staff to apply to in order to provide opportunities for staff members to engage in professional development when their department budgets might not allow for it. In order to continue our goal of providing professional development awards, this task force must also work to ensure the continued growth of the SAC Professional Development Fund.
This task force provides leadership to the Shirley Brooks-Jones and Above and Beyond Awards nomination process and the planning of honoring those award winners. They manage the OutstandingU process that was developed so that customers or co-workers can easily report their gratification of a CFAES staff member.


  1. Awarded the Shirley Brooks Jones Award and three Above and Beyond Awards.
  2. In 2018, six Professional Development Awards were awarded.
  3. Committee reported that 32 people have been recognized through the OutstandingU program.
Communications and Marketing Task Force

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to publicize and promote the activities of the CFAES Staff Advisory Council, through such means as:

  1. The Staff Advisory Council website
  2. Press releases about award winners and other news
  3. Communication via the CFAES listserv
  4. Distribution of information through departmental listservs
  5. Submission of articles/news to the Dean’s monthly electronic newsletter
  6. The Staff Advisory Council display and brochure
  7. Oversight of SAC BuckeyeBox
  8. Photo updates of meetings and events
  9. Posts on the CFAES SAC blog
  10. Ensuring branding compliance and consistency with SAC flyers and announcements


  1. Assisted with the design and coordination of all SAC communications.
  2. Overhaul of the SAC website
  3. Use of CFAES calendar to disperse information of SAC events and important deadlines throughout the college.