Professional Development and CFAES Road Trip

This committee will strive to offer professional development opportunities that will be beneficial to all staff. This may be offered via Zoom/ Video-conference due to the many locations of CFAES staff. In cases where the presentation may not be best suited for video-conferencing, efforts will be made to have multiple offerings on CFAES campuses. Additionally, we would like to increase awareness of professional development opportunities available through OSU and CFAES.

This committee will also organize and oversee the annual CFAES Road Trip. The Road Trip is intended to give CFAES staff an opportunity to visit the various CFAES locations around the state and learn about the unique characteristics of each. Trips typically include tours and interviews with faculty, staff and students throughout the college. Additionally, these tours often include non-CFAES groups that partner with the college. The goal of the road trip is that staff will increase their knowledge and appreciation for CFAES and the work that is done at the college. Each Road Trip will focus on a particular component of the college and will be eligible to all CFAES staff (trips are first-come, first-served).


  • Dennis DeCamp (Chair)
  • Eugene Braig
  • Shannon Hollis
  • Cate Hunko
  • Kelly Royalty
  • Robin Stone