Executive Committee

Chair: Misty Harmon
Vice Chair: Desiree Lutsch
Secretary/Treasurer: Kelly Royalty
Communications Director: Meredith Luikart
Public Relations/Archivist: Brandi Gilbert-Hammett


Council Representatives


Extension Representative 4
Dean's Operations | Staff Appreciation
School of Environment and Natural Resources
At-Large Position 1 | Staff Appreciation
Extension Representative 2 | Staff Appreciation
Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering | Staff Appreciation
Academic Programs | Communications and Marketing
Entomology | Professional Development
Food Science and Technology
At-Large Position 2 | Staff Recognition
Human Resources | Public Relations/Archivist | Staff Appreciation
Extension Representative 1 | Chair | Staff Recognition
Wooster Staff Council
Horticulture and Crop Science | Communications Director | Communications and Marketing
Wooster Campus Representative | Professional Development
Plant Pathology | Staff Appreciation
Extension Representative 5 | Secretary/Treasurer | Professional Development
Extension Representative 3 | Professional Development