Beau Ingle

Beau Ingle
CFAES International Programs | Public Relations, Archivist | Communications and Marketing
Rm 160 Bevis Hall, 1080 Carmack Road, Columbus, Oh 43210
Program Manager


Staff recognition is an important focus for CFAES Staff Advisory Council, why do you find that to be so important within our college?

       I think it’s important for every member of the CFAES community to feel valued and that they bring their own unique thrust to this institution’s success. Sometimes staff can feel eclipsed by the heavy focus on faculty or students, but acknowledging the specialties and expertise that staff bring to CFAES’ programming is necessary for attracting and retaining talented staff.

What would you suggest to staff members that are interested in getting more involved within our college and the university?

      I would say not to be afraid to reach out across departments/units to work with others. That’s how you strengthen your professional network and build the social capital to get things done when you’re facing other obstacles. Also, just ‘jump right in” when opportunities for professional development, training, and other interaction arise in either CFAES or Ohio State more broadly. It’s a big place, but it is certainly what you make of it.