Cambree Moser

Cambree Moser
Food Science and Technology | Professional Development
110A Parker Food Science and Technology Building, Columbus
Graduate Program Coordinator


What do you enjoy most about working within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences?

            I enjoy the uniqueness of our college. We have representation all over the state, which means we have the cool opportunity to connect with a diverse group of people. Our college houses a wide array of skills and interests ranging from the biological sciences of agriculture to the consumer science of sensory and flavor.

Staff recognition is an important focus for CFAES Staff Advisory Council, why do you find that to be so important within our college?

            Our staff are exemplary. To me, it is like comparing what we do to theater. The director and actors are what bring people to the show but credit should still be given to the stage crew, makeup artists, and set designers for the supporting role. Our students and faculty are among the best in the nation, and our staff do an excellent job of supporting these individuals. I think it is so important that we recognize them for their hard work!